> Upgrade your old Windows operating system to the most recent version.

  > Downgrade your new Windows 8 or 10 computer to Windows 7.


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Computer repair

Don’t let a slow computer, slow down your business!

Give us a call and we will handle the rest. 

If your computers need hardware or software upgrade, we will take care of it.

If you have newer computers but they don’t run as fast as you wanted them to be, we can diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

Older networking equipment like switches and routers could be upgraded and make a difference in your internet connection as well as your internal network performance.

Computer Software Issues

  • Heavy software on old and slow computers

So you have an older computer, about 5 to 8 years old with Windows XP and you want to run the last version of iTunes to listen to music and you would like to watch a video on YouTube and the video keeps breaking off. That is a sign that your CPU or GPU can’t handle the video. You need a new computer!

* Please refer to the minimum hardware requirements of each software.

  • Too many unnecessary software installed on computers

You installed QuickBooks to keep track of your financial records and installed all the Microsoft updates to keep your computer safe. You have installed Google Chrome, Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, DropBox and you might have accidentaly installed four toolbars. These all make your computer slugish and slower every day. Uninstall all of the toolbars and unwanted software and you will see the positive effects.

  • Occasionaly freezing and long loading time (long bootup time)

This is probably another case of an old computer or if not, too many software wants to run at startup. It is possible to remove most of those startup software. Use Ccleaner to disable some startup items and run MalwareBytes for possible malware running in the background.

  • Too many pop ups when browsing on the internet

A known case of infection by malware which caould be resolved by scanning your computer using MalwareBytes. I recommend using Google Chrome as your default browser. Most likely you have several toolbars installed, too. No toolbars, please!

Computer Hardware Issues

  • Computers making load noise

There are two main reasons that a computer is making load humming noise. A faulty fan which is about to die soon, and an old hard drive.
Check if you have left a CD or DVD in the CD-ROM drive. That makes a load noise, too.

  • Computers using low memory or smaller hard drive

Low memory is the most common cause of a slow computer and longer bootup time. You can easily search for the maximum ram capacity of your computer model if you would like to add memory to it.
Older hard drives were slow for the volume of videos and pictures we store now a days. Luckily hard drives are not too expensive.

  • Old noisy hard drive

> Hard drives can be very noisy when they are older. New hard drives are not as noisy as the way they used to.

> Remove all unnecessary software. Then use some free tools to clean up the system. Ccleaner is a free tool to clean up your PC and MalwareBytes is another free tool to clean your PC from malware (bad software).
You want to make sure that you have an active antivirus protecting your PC as well. Microsoft Security Essentials and Immunet are some examples of free antivirus.

> Your computer is not capable of running these all together on a computer with 2GB ram, a single core CPU and an old graphic card.