> Upgrade your old Windows operating system to the most recent version.

  > Downgrade your new Windows 8 or 10 computer to Windows 7.


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   Providing High Quality IT Services
     For small to medium businesses in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati 
   Webhosting with servers and datacenters in the U.S.A
     High quality, low cost web design and hosting 
   Let us host your website and email right here in the U.S
     So you don�t have to deal with someone in Philippines or India.
   Let us bring you the best of technolgy 

  With right advice we can get best of our money

   Data recovery

  In-house limited data rec0very

   When you need help and where you need help

  We can provide service when you can't wait for tomorrow.

What We Do

We help small businesses to get the best use of their existing computers and … >>

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  • Optimize slow computers
  • Optimize slow internet
  • Optimize WiFi quality
  • Maximize computer security
  • Check network security
  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Virus and Malware removals
  • Website design
  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting

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IT Support

  • Can you and your business afford slow and inefficient computers that will bring down the efficiency of your business?
  • Are you aware of online threats to your computers?
  • Do you have any plan to protect or backup your sensitive data that are stored in your computers?
  • When was the last time you had a professional to look check up your computer and network security?