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Computer Upgrade

  • Partial hardware or software upgrade

    Hardware upgrades
    RAM (memory) upgrade makes a big difference on the computer performance.
    Hard drives could be upgraded to higher capacities and newer technology which performs better and faster.

    Software Upgrade or Downgrade
    Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 if your computer has the minimum requirements.
    If you aren’t happy with your new computer with Windows 8, it could be downgraded to Windows 7

  • Upgrade to a full new computer

    If you need to upgraded to Windows 7 but the computer doesn’t have the minimum hardware requirements, you can consider getting a new computer. We can help you with getting the right computer that fits your needs. Most new computers come with Windows 8 but we can find one with Windows 7. Among local computer stores, MicroCenter is the only place to find a computer with Windows 7.